Palomar was designed and knit on a two-week summer road trip across the American Southwest where the air is hot and dry and the populations are sparse. The rocky desert landscape inspired the lines of nestled diamonds across the front and back and the gentle curves of waist shaping incorporated into the cables at the sides. It is knit in one piece, bottom-up, with the only seams at the shoulders, making finishing a breeze. The set-in sleeves are picked up around the arm opening and knit top-down using a detailed method of working short rows to shape the caps, which may be new to many knitters. This method creates a well fitting sleeve with a strong and flexible join between the sleeve and sweater body.
I find it fun to work after using it several times; I strongly prefer it to a seamed set-in sleeve! If you find you enjoy working sleeves this way and would like to investigate the method further, please check out “Top Down:  Set-In Sleeve Design” by Elizabeth Doherty.