About Me

I am a wife, a mother, a seeker of beauty & truth, and like most of you who have found your way here, I have an undefended passion for the process of creation.

I was born in California, raised in Illinois, and am now settled in Kansas City with my husband and our two girls. I am professionally trained and continue to work as a natural foods personal chef, but I found my true passion in knitting design when pregnant with my second child. I immediately recognized all the elements of what drew me to culinary arts there in the yarn and needles.

It is the process of mixing essential ingredients *just so* to create a unique, tangible expression of energy.

Well, I probably don’t have to tell YOU anything about that.  Like Wile E. Coyote off the cliff  – that is how I fell for knitting: fast, oblivious, and landing at the bottom in my own little halo of wool.

As a designer, my goal is to create simply constructed, stylish garments and accessories with unique elements that are fun to knit and easy to wear. Most of my patterns are written with the advanced beginner in mind and include a lot of detail – more than you might be used to. Whenever possible the math is done for you, stitch counts are given, and helpful tips and tutorials are provided to take the work out of knitting and allow you to enjoy the process. After all, when we can pay $20 for a ready-to-wear sweater and $5 for socks, chances are good that you knit because you love it and not because you have to. I hope my patterns help you to enjoy your hobby and share your talents with the ones you love!