Weaving Ends On Reversible Knits


I’ve recently published two reversible accessory patterns (Colorshift and Codex) and have found myself answering the question, “how do I weave in my ends on reversible knits?” This post will show you how to weave ends on stockinette/reverse stockinette and ribbing. This is actually how I always weave in my ends because I find it to be a very secure method, but it’s also practically invisible which makes it great for reversible knits!

First stockinette/reverse stockinette!

I didn’t learn this method from another source, but rather “unvented” it over years of finishing my own knits. That said, I’m sure I’m not the only one who does it this way.

STEP 1 – On the reverse stockinette side of your knitting, using a yarn needle, weave in your yarn tail following the path of the yarn for at least three stitches. This is the same method as duplicate stitching. Insert needle into the lower and upper loop of the first side of the stitch and pull through being sure to match the tension of the knitted fabric…



STEP 2 – Insert needle into the upper and lower loop of the other side of the stitch and pull through. Repeat these two steps until you’ve followed the path of at least three stitches. 2


STEP 3 – After the last stitch, insert your needle into just the lower loop of the next stitch and pull through.



STEP 4 – This last step is the one that hides the tail for reversible wearability! Guide the needle under these three new duplicate stitches, tucking the tail between the duplicate stitches and the original stitches and pull through.



It can help to hold the knitting like this to easier see your needle as you guide it through.



Snip the yarn right up next to the fabric. The yarn is held snug between the layers.


Now for ribbing!
I think this is and adapted version of a very common method for darning ends into ribbing. I originally learned it from Montse Stanley’s Reader’s Digest Knitter’s Handbook, an incredibly useful resource I’d recommend to any knitter!

STEP 1 – Insert needle into one half of a knit stitch column for about 1-1 1/2 inches, and pull tail through.



STEP 2 – Follow the path of the yarn above the ribbing for one stitch (in this case it was a purl stitch), and insert the needle back through the other half of the knit stitch column.8


Again, snip yarn close to the fabric. The tail is held snug inside the column of ribbing.9


And this is the finished woven ends! You can see, there’s no loose tails left at all, and it’s easy to imagine that if this were all in one color how invisible the woven ends would be!



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